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About Us

Structural Works With Civil Constructions

JOYFUL TRUSS WORK has been manufacturing the strongest, high-quality, steel & metal buildings and trusses. Unlike most building companies, we eliminate middle-man mark up by producing our own steel trusses and secondary framing from our own factory. Your building can be designed to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal solution for your building requirements. Some of our most popular past projects have come in the form of Residential truss works, Commercial truss works, Steel Churches & Rec Centers, Steel Industrial truss works, Agricultural truss works, and more.
JOYFUL TRUSS WORK offers a wide-array of structural systems including clearspan rigid frame, modular rigid frame, tapered beam and open web truss. All are available in standard or long bay options. Whether you’re looking for a building for your business, home or farm, JOYFUL TRUSS WORK has a solution that can work for you. When you buy direct from our plant you save money and with the quick and easy assembly your complete project will come in at the most economical price available.

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